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Dr. Arthur Husted Jackson, Sr.

Dr. Arthur Husted Jackson, Sr.

1874 - 1959

     Dr. Arthur Husted Jackson, Sr. was born in Middlesex, New York in 1874.  He graduated from Rushville High School and received a bachelor of arts degree at 18 years of age from Brockport State Teachers College.  He was considered too young to teach.  However he was offered a post as Latin instructor at Peru High School in Clinton County, New York.  He taught for 4 years at Evans Academy at Peterboro and at Sunnyside Seminary in Westchester County when he decided upon entering the medical profession.

     He received his medical degree from Syracuse University in 1904.  During a two-year internship at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence he met his wife, Ethel Henry.

     Shortly after his internship he went to Odessa, New York to open an office.  He served on the Odessa Board of Education from 1906 to 1930.  He was president for many years.  He opened an office in Watkins Glen, New York at the office of the late Dr. John M. Quirk in 1936.  He served there in Watkins Glen on the board of education and was its president for several years.

Dr. Jackson practiced medicine in Schuyler County for more than 50 years starting in 1906 and assisted at the delivery of more than 4,000 babies.

     Dr. Jackson helped to organize the Schuyler Hospital in Montour Falls, New York.  He was a past president and life member of the Watkins-Montour Rotary Club and a past district deputy of the Odd Fellows.  He was a Schuyler County coroner for many years. 

     Dr. Jackson was a member of the American, New York and Schuyler County Medical Association.  For more than 20 years he served on the board of managers at Willard State Hospital.

     Dr. Jackson's practice spanned an era from when country doctors made their patient calls in a horse and buggy to the day of the changeover to the motor car and the day of the speeding ambulance.

     Dr. Jackson passed away on August 14, 1959 and was laid to rest in Rushville, New York.

Back row:  Arthur H. Jackson, Jr. and Dr. Arthur H. Jackson, Sr.

Front row:  Mrs. Jesse Brandow Jackson,  Miss Alice Jackson, and Mrs. Ethel Henry Jackson




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Franklin History

Mrs. Nancy Husted Jackson - Mother of Dr. Jackson

Mrs. Nancy Husted Jackson

1836 - 1928

(mother of Dr. Jackson and wife of Orange L. Jackson)


     The green associated with Erin's patron saint decorated the home here today of Mrs. Nancy Husted Jackson, who observed her 91st birthday anniversary.  The verdant color scheme might betoken also her freshness of mind and bodily vigor, as well as the land of St. Patrick.

     Her sons and daughters and their families, Mr. and Mrs. Thales Jackson; Mrs. Wealthy Loomis, Miss Lizzie Jackson, of Rushville; Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Jackson, of Odessa, N. Y., and Miss Lelia Jackson, of Ann Arbor, Mich., and her nephew and niece, B. W. Jackson, of Albion, were present for the observance and three-course dinner.

     Mrs. Jackson was born near Brockport, New York on March 17, 1836, the youngest and now only surviving member of a family of eight children of the late Samuel and Nancy Husted.  When 10 years old, she moved with her parents to Medina, where she attended school at the Medina Academy.

     She was a member of the Burroushian Lyceum of that school, founded by Thales Lindsley, the principal.  Mrs. Jackson is anxious to hear from any members of the society who may still be living.

     When about 17 years old, Mrs. Jackson went to teach near Shelby Basin, in a school located on what now is Fruit Avenue.  Her salary was $1 a week, and for this small sum she was obliged to keep school on alternate Saturdays.  Here it was that she met her future husband, the late Orange L. Jackson, whose father, William Jackson, cleared his farm and built thereon a stone church, which also was used for school purposes.

     She was married to Mr. Orange L. Jackson on February 19, 1856.  They began housekeeping in a small house on the Jackson farm.  After three years, they removed to East Pembroke, where they operated a farm for seven years, then coming to a farm near Rushville.

     They planted a large Baldwin apple orchard, and built all the buildings still standing on the farm, where they lived for forty-one years.  Later they sold the farm and built the house here now occupied by Mrs. Jackson.  Mr. Orange L. Jackson died in 1912.

     Although her memories cover outstanding events of a long period of years, Mrs. Jackson is more interested in achievements of the present day than in reminiscence.  She is a keen radio enthusiast, reads the newspapers daily, and enjoys an occasional automobile ride.  Her favorite pastime is the embroidery of dainty linens.  (from a newspaper clipping)